• To increase the capacity of CSO in Policy influencing, Lobbying and Advocacy by offering them new knowledge on contemporary methodologies and techniques as well as the opportunity for exchange and practical knowledge.
  • To increase the CSOs Lobbying and advocacy skills as well as the influence on public policies in order to contribute to social transformation.
  • To provide support for the development of a strong and influential Civil Society sector
  • To assess and improve the state of civil society in Rwanda in the key areas of Policy influencing, Lobbying and Advocacy


Lobbying, Advocacy, and Policy Influencing is a powerful tool used to address systems, rather than symptoms. Advocating for better policies generates positive change for disadvantaged people, groups and countries has a vast reach, and its approach tackles the systematic causes of problems, thus empowering local voices and promoting the sustainable development of our country.

The core of the training is the Advocacy and Policy Influencing Cycle, which reflects steps of the Project Management Cycle. Our experience with this cycle is that the most common error made in projects is that organizations tend to identify a problem and head directly to implementing possible solutions.

Many CSOs undertake policy influencing activities, either as part of projects or as core business. This training will focus on the various phases before actually undertaking policy influencing activities. Therefore, much of the focus will be on planning for those actions in such a way that activities are relevant and achieve the highest possible impact.


Session 1

Introduction  to Policy Influencing, Lobbying and Advocacy

Session 2

Policy Development Influencing

Session 3

Networking for Policy Influencing, Lobbying and Advocacy

Session 4

Action Plan for Policy Influencing, Lobbying and Advocacy

Session 5

Implementation and Learning

Session 6

Monitoring and Evaluation

Session 7

Policy Influencing, Lobbying and Advocacy in Rwanda


Nowadays Lobbying, Advocacy and Policy Influencing is crucial to every entrepreneur, politician or to the entire civil society group. It is a challenge to bring together different stakeholders to discuss, to inform and to influence decision makers as broadly as possible on different backgrounds and interests, in order to take an informed decision. Without advocacy and policy influencing, the quality of decision-making will suffer.


The course was delivered at RMI Murambi campus. Visit www.rmi.rw for the detailed Training Calendar. The venue and time may be adjusted according to the trainees' request, terms and conditions apply.