Institutional Research & Consultancy Unit

The Consultancy unit is headed by the Principal Senior Research & Consultancy Coordinator.

It supplements and enhances the activities of other technical units of RMI.

The mission of the Unit is to provide expertise, advisory services, technical assistance in administration and management to public and private sectors and the civil society.

The main duties of the unit are:

  • Assessing needs in consultancy, administration and management,
  • Elaboration of consultancy programs,
  • Preparing and offering consultancy services,
  • Assessing the impact of consultancy services,
  • Conducting research needs assessment,
  • Identify national issues for research,
  • Assessment of national issues for research
  • Management of workshops and scientific days,
  • Management of RMI information centre,
  • Publishing research papers,
  • Supervising researchers and consultants’ evaluation and incorporation into the database.

Areas of expertise:

1. Human capital management:

•    Organizational design and development
•    Training needs assessment(TNA)
•    Communication plan
•    Ergonometric studies
•    Head hunting and outsourcing
•    Recruitment process and selection
•    Job conception, classification, analysis and evaluation
•    Performance management
•    Human resources audit
•  Human resources Management Information System, design and development
•    Performance assessment system
•    Career management
•    Employment law and employee relations
•    Security at work system
•    Strategic workforce planning
•    Human resources manual and policy
•    Workplace Mediation and Dispute Resolution

The aim is to provide relief to Organizations by taking over the professional Human and financial Resources responsibilities for utmost institutional performance and Customer Satisfaction.

2. Project management:

•    Projects design and development
•    Strategic planning
•    Business planning
•    Monitoring and evaluation
•    District development planning

3. Policy and Strategy development:

•    Policy and strategy design and development
•    Support of major policy and strategy
•    Program and Policy evaluation

RMI, through its advisory services unit, has established relationships with reputable domestic and international institutions. These contacts have resulted in agreements establishing the service exchange modalities.
The unit envisions strengthening such partnerships with other institutions to achieve the ideals of its various programs.