On 15 November 2022, eight training participants from the University of Rwanda (UR) have closed an 9 day-training on Project Monitoring and Evaluation which started on 07 and ended on 15 November 2022, at RMI Murambi Headquarters.

The main objective of the course was to enhance and improve the skills and knowledge for the trainees in line with the big projects they are managing in their working stations.

In his remarks, on behalf of RMI Director General, Mr NSHIMYUMUREMYI Vincent de Paul, the Principal Senior Training Coordinator commended the trainers as well as the trainees for the very successful training.

“The management of RMI, is happy of you because you have exchanged and gained the knowledge you expected to get. You are therefore advised to keep the already established network alive as it’s a lifelong learning journey you have already embarked in”, said Mr. NSHIMYIMUREMYI.

The training facilitator added: “I am sure beyond reasonable doubt that the skills you have gained here out of nine consecutive days attending the training, will help you making a difference in your  working places and will definitely get good results”.,

The course comprised of; project planning, monitoring, evaluation, managing the projects, the logical framework, result-based management and reporting to make sure they get the expected deliverables from different projects that they are managing.

The representative of the trainees, the Associate Professor Epimaque NIYIBIZI, said that the training helped them refresh the skills they had in managing the projects they are leading.

“It was a kind of practical session which helped us on how we plan, monitor and evaluate the projects under our controls”. I am sure that it will help me and my colleagues in what we have been doing, which is to manage projects effectively”.

While closing, participants looking at the benefit they have gained from this training, they recommended that their colleagues, the team leaders of several projects specifically the University of Rwanda to get chance to benefit as well from this training for them to deliver successfully.

RMI being a Public Capacity Development Institution and Training Center has different training programs for which it provides Management Career Centered Courses, Certified Professional Courses, and Tailor-Made Courses to respond to specific skills gaps identified in individual institutions and Executive and Leadership Courses for high-profile leaders and managers.