On 17 February 2023, Rwanda Management Institute together with Rwanda Economy Digitalization Program closed a five-day training entitled, “Advanced R Training for Data Science”, which had the purpose to get data teams to speak the same language and perform basic data tasks, getting teams to understand each department broader problem in delivering insight from data and strengthening practices in data use for better decision making and accountability in Rwanda. The training was conducted at RMI Muhima Campus, in Nyarugenge District.

The training was intended to strengthen the capacity of data managers among others Cyber Security Monitoring officers, Statistician Officers, Data Analysts, and Data Engineers working in government institutions.

Nyirishyaka Marcelin, the coordinator of the training pointed out how the training was conducted and thanked those who attended. “The training covered the following pertinent topics; Analyzing data in R using Tidyverse, Visualizing outputs with ggplot and putting all together in package. “At the end of this workshop, I'd like to say many thanks for your all kindness and efforts to participate in this workshop and getting along with it”. “ I think the knowledge gained will help you work professionally”, added Nyirishyaka.

In his closing remarks, Gatari Eugene, the Principal Senior Coordinator for
Research and Consultancy Unit, on behalf of the RMI Director General, commended participatants and trainers for their endevours. “I would like to congratulate all of you for your dedication and active engagement in the learning experience. It is in this regard that I am confident that the knowledge gained will be utilized optimumly in your dail work”, Gatari urged the participants.

Antoine Twirere, one of the participants was happy to learn R as a new tool to analyze data in his daily work. “We were learninfg data analysis using RI. The new knowledge gained will help me improve my performance in analyzing data using R which will my institution make sound decisions at the work place”, confirmed Twirere. ” I will use the knowledge gained to speed up my reports, advanced analysis and help others who were unable to attend this training”, he added

R is the programming language mostly used in Data Science field. R is an advanced language that performs various complex statistical computations and calculations. It is widely used by data scientists and business leaders in multiple fields, from academics to business. Moreover, R interprets the data in a graphical form, making it easy to interpret and understand.

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