On 08 December 2023, 15 Contract managers from the Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB) concluded a five-day training on procurement procedures (procurement cycle) and e-procurement (e-bidding and e- contract)  at Rwanda Management Institute (RMI), Murambi campus, with the determination to perform with excellence.

The training was organized by RMI in partnership with RDB to solve the problem of new employees who had joined RAB recently.

In his closing remarks, on behalf of RMI Director General, Mr. NSHIMYUMUREMYI Vincent de Paul, the Principal Senior Training Coordinator commended the trainees and wished them very successful endeavors in their careers.

“We are glad that you completed this training. and we hope that the days you spent here are not in vain. go and produce what is needed”, said Nshimyumuremyi.

Nkubito Eugene, the trainer, said that the trainees learned more after five days at RMI learning about contract management.

“During these five days, participants acquired the necessary knowledge that will help them improve their work|. “I hope that they will not have any problems because we have covered all the lessons that had been planned and we tried to answer all the queries they had”, said Nkubito.

One of the trainees thanked the organizers of the training, saying that it was a very useful training.

“We came here to increase our knowledge of procurement procedures. We used to work traditionally but now we are going to deliver professionally. We saw the procurement cycle and e-procurement (e-bidding and e-contract). How all procedures follow each other. Everything must be written. We recommend that other employees also come to learn because in one way or another, the employee has where he or she meets with procurement, it would be better that all employees get this training”, she said.

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