On 18 December 2023, 15 School Construction Field Officers from the Ministry of Education assigned to school buildings in the districts started a six-day training in RMI where they will learn the GIS technology so that this technology will help them improve their daily work as they work using common knowledge but after this course, they will be professional workers because they are going to learn the required technology to be used in their field.

The training which was organized by RMI in partnership with RDB, aims to introduce the participants to what GIS is and what it does to change the way they used to work in the construction of schools in their respective districts.

The Spatial Decision Support System helps to analyze the location, the needs, the density of the population, and the environment in an area so that before the construction of schools there is a need to comply with the public development plans.

In his welcoming remarks, on behalf of RMI Director General, Mr. NSHIMYUMUREMYI Vincent de Paul, the Principal Senior Training Coordinator, welcomed the trainees and encouraged them to dedicate their time to the course while wishing them a very successful training.

“Training is everything. “Don't decrease the goal. Increase the effort.” Work hard day and night to make sure you get the end result". NSHIMYUMUREMYI encouraged the trainees.

The trainer said that GIS is an important tool for infrastructure planning in Rwanda.

“The trainees will come up with the knowledge of where to build schools using GIS Software, according to the government policy. After this training, there will be consideration of the distance children walk depending on where each child comes from so that the student does not walk longer distances than required. This tool will help to measure the population density, the necessary schools needed in an area, and the mileage not to be exceeded, that is what they have come to learn to solve these problems. It will help to analyze suitable locations for schools”, said the trainer.  

This course will help in the overall planning of how schools should be built in the districts.

The training will cover among others; the function of GIS, how GIS can be used so that those in charge of building schools in the districts know where exactly schools should be built, and why the school should be built, the second part; is to proceed with the computer, learning the software designed for land survey and analysis, so that they can see how the data is combined with the needs of the area they work in to provide better reports that will help in the planning of sustainable construction of schools. At the end of it, we will take a closer look at the problems they often face to show them how they can be solved using their computers. “Now before schools are built, they must be mapped using GIS technology”, he added.

RMI being a Public Capacity Development Institution and Training Center has different training programs for which it provides; Management Career Centered Courses, Certified Professional Courses, and Tailor-Made Courses to respond to specific skills gaps identified in individual institutions and Executive and Leadership Courses for high-profile leaders and managers.