On 14 February 2024, 21 staff from BDF (Business Development Fund) coming from different department and units in the institution; are undertaking training at RMI Murambi Campus, in the field of planning, monitoring and reportinggiven the gap identified in the institution and this will answer the problem of poor planning, monitoring and reporting at workplace. The training will comprise, theoretical and practical parts.

In his welcoming remarks, on behalf of RMI Director General, Mr. NSHIMYUMUREMYI Vincent de Paul, the Principal Senior Training Coordinator welcomed the trainees and wished them a very successful training.

“The training has been prepared to equip you with the requisite knowledge and skills that will enable you to plan, monitor and report effectively. You need to dedicate your time to get the knowledge required for you to be able to apply it in your respective field”, he urged the participants.

The Trainer promised that the course will be easier if participants will follow it step by step. “It is required for you, to follow strategically, the planning steps, monitoring and evaluation because it is something which cut across in every project you undertake”, “If you don’t plan, you plan to fail”, he told the participants.

The class representative, said that the gap they have at BDF, is about planning, monitoring and reporting. “If you plan wrongly, you do not expect results. For you to be successful, you need to set clear targets so that at the end of the day, you get to a point of evaluating yourself or reviewing the implementation then you can easily tell about the results”, he confirmed.

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