On 17 February 2024, 21 staff from BDF concluded training in planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting program at RMI Murambi Campus where they were certified and promised to deliver the desired results for the institution.

This training covered among others; theoretical part (30%) and practical part (70%). Strategic plan, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting. The training comprised; the strategic plan in its principals way down to monitoring, Annual plan, Action plan derived from the strategic plan, templates activities, where the participatory method was used.

In his closing remarks, on behalf of RMI Director General, Mr. NSHIMYUMUREMYI Vincent de Paul, the Principal Senior Training Coordinator commended the participants and wished them to use the knowledge gained to bring about the impact required.  

“Let this training be the basis of giving back to your institution. We hope that you are satisfied with the knowledge gained or if it otherwise we are waiting for your feedback. The leadership knows that you have got everything you need to be able to deliver the results needed in terms of planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting”, he encouraged them.

One of the trainees said that they learned a lot in the training. “We learned a lot in the training that will help us in long term. "We have learned then we are going at workplace to start implementing what we saw here”. “The way we will use what we learned that is the way we will bring the long-term impact for the institution”. “The certificates we have got will speak for themselves while putting in place the knowledge gained”, he said.

Rwanda has put in place, the National Capacity Development Policy, Strategy, and Implementation Plan approved by Cabinet in 2016 which provides the framework and acts as the main reference for guiding capacity development interventions in Rwanda and this training program for civil servants is one of the measures to comply with the NST1 program established by the government.

RMI being a Public Capacity Development Institution and Training Center has different training programs for which it provides; Management Career Centered Courses, Certified Professional Courses, and Tailor-Made Courses to respond to specific skills gaps identified in individual institutions and Executive and Leadership Courses for high-profile leaders and managers.