• To design a control environment for M&E
  • To plan for monitoring and evaluation
  • To properly construct a situational baseline and design an M&E plan, M&E matrix and log frames for a project or a program
  • To design a monitoring system and carry out M&E of a given project or program
  • To design and develop monitoring tools and indicators
  • To analyze problem situations for eventual planning, monitoring and evaluation
  • To assess project or organizations’ activities in a cause and effect relationships and determine the outcomes and impact to the project beneficiaries
  • To gather information, analyze and report the monitoring and evaluation result                                                                                                 


This module aims at introducing participants to the fundamental principles and practices of planning, monitoring and evaluation and processes involved. It also aims at explaining how to develop indicators and tools for monitoring and evaluation and methodologies used. It finally imparts them with skills of gathering information, analyzing them and reporting the monitoring and evaluation results for future improved performances.


3. MODULE CONTENT                                                                                                                

Session 1

Definitions and processes of planning, monitoring and evaluation

Session 7

Monitoring and evaluation in a project cycle management

Session 2

Concept and framework for M&E

Session 8

Designing and developing monitoring tools and indicators

Session 3

Control environment and requirements for M&E

Session 9

Gathering data for monitoring and evaluation, analysis and reporting

Session 4

Designing and developing indicators

Session 10

Types and patterns of monitoring and evaluation reports

Session 5

Logical framework for planning, M&E

Session 11

Impact evaluation methods and techniques

Session 6

Establishing inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impact relationships of a project

Session 12

Developing terms of reference for project M&E



The target audience for this module includes but not limited to all employees at all levels who are involved into planning, monitoring and evaluation.


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