• To recognize important legal issues affecting HR management.
  • To familiarize participants with relevant policies and procedures, including Security and safety procedures, Personnel policies & procedures, particularly related to leaves, discipline and separation
  • To create awareness on the negative effects of discrimination, harassment and retaliation at work place and how to use policies and procedures to prevent and handle such complaints for employee and employer interest.
  • To understand how to manage risk arising and promote safety in the workplace.
  • To understand important Rwandan laws and regulations governing the employer-employee relationship at national and international level


Human resources management is an activity which is performed with workers and on work environment. Its main mission is to satisfy organizational and individual needs. The field of human resources management is greatly influenced and shaped by all government laws governing employment issues. In addition there are international institutions which have the mission to put in place guidance employment procedures and monitor their implementation at international level. The objectives of Government laws and other international guidance are to create a conducive work environment in order to enhance performance within organizations and promote human right.  Human Resource Management involves compliance and litigation avoidance.

This module underscores the importance for HR professionals to understand these legal issues and how to comply with it for both the organizational and individual benefits. Participant will appreciate the legal procedure to be followed during and after the services. 


Session 1

Labor relations (labor code and general statutes of Rwanda public servants)

Session 6

Social security system

Session 2

Health safety and security at workplace

Session 7

Gender and development

Session 3

Violence at workplace (Prevention and management)

Session 8

HR Management Audit

Session 4

Ethics and discipline at workplace

Session 9

Results based management

Session 5

Disabilities issues management




The target audience for this module are HR officers with basic level, HR specialists and other managers having basic level or educational background related to Human Resource Management.


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