• To explain the importance of Human Resource Management function and the role it plays in the implementation of the organization’s strategy
  • To review the evolution of human resources as a discipline and basic human resource practices and policies
  • To identify the process of organization structure design and its critical components
  • To understand the human resource recruitment process, human resource development and the determination of reward and compensation


People (human resources) are viewed by most experts as the most important asset of any organization. Managing an organization’s people is often the most challenging and complex task required of a manager.

This module is intend to  make participants aware of the importance of Human resources function in an organization since the only thing that will uphold a company’s competitive advantage tomorrow is the caliber of people in organization. An understanding people and how organization manage them is a core requirement for participant who aspire to be future managers or who are already in management.


Session 1

Definition of concepts

Session 6

Induction course of new recruited employees

Session 2

Overview of human resource management

Session 7

Performance management

Session 3

Human resource evolution

Session 8

Training and development

Session 4

Organization structure, design and prerequisites (Job analysis, job design, job evaluation, job classification)

Session 9

Pay and compensation

Session 5

Human resources planning, recruitment and selection

Session 10

Termination of employment


The target audience for this module are the new human resource practitioners (HR officers, recruitment officers, training officers, pay officers, performance appraisal officers), supervisors and managers who did not have any other training related to Human resource management and who do not have education background related to Human Resource Management.


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