• Examine the value of providing exceptional customer service in today’s business environment
  • To impart trainees with skills and experiences in customer care and quality service delivery.
  • To familiarize participants with the first hand tools of communication in order to deal with challenges in the field of customer care.
  • To equip our service delivery leaders with the tools and perspectives required to resolve service delivery challenges
  •  To challenge participants to be agents of change for Service Delivery in  their own work environments


Customer care and quality service is crucial for organizations across all industries and sectors, public and private. Providing exceptional customer service starts with understanding who your customers are and establishing a customer focus to meet their needs. Learn and practice the skills involved in establishing a genuine customer focus, determining customer expectations, communicating with customers, dealing with difficult customers, and evaluating customer service.


Session 1

Introduction; Customer Care and  quality Service

Session 7

Effective communication

Session 2

Overview of Customer Satisfaction

Session 8

The Power of Listening

Session 3

The organization’s mission and strategy

Session  9

Time management

Session  4

How to present a professional appearance and attitude

Session 10

Root cause analysis

Session  5

Determining Customer Expectations

Session 11

Business ethics

Session 6

Handling customer complaints and difficult customers

Session 12

Successful Strategies for Customer Care and Service


This module is designed for Employees in Public and Private Organizations. It is for people holding or moving into any customer service role (Some may hold forefront service positions, other supervisory or team leader roles).

 It is also designed for professionals who need to improve customer service experience and develop techniques to build strong customer relationships.

5. DELIVERY TIME AND VENUE              

Visit www.rmi.rw for the detailed Training Calendar. The venue and time may be adjusted according to the trainees' request, terms and conditions apply.