• To refresh participants with module related theories and explore the strategies of forecasting and planning in terms of needed and explore materials that are used for a HC strategic selection that is linked to a future institution’s mission accomplishment;
  • To identify best practices aligning with continuous professional and career development and cross checking the code of conduct and behavior at workplace
  • To establish indicators of integral achievement progress checking and enrich the retention strategies and policies and talents development. 
  • To examine compensation systems and benefits at workplace towards goals’ interdependence and achievements and explore Human capital competencies and performance development
  • To explore the possibilities of integrating the use of Human Capital Information system in a rwandan srvices system


This module of Strategic Human capital Management will practically emphasize on human capital refresher theories, HC forecasting and Planning, the  design of materials of a strategic selection, HC continuous development and career development, code of conduct and internal progress checking, retention strategies, compensation systems and benefits, competencies and performance development and the Human Capital Information system.


Session 1.

Strategic Human capital management refresher theories

Session 6.

SMART internal achievements’ progression checking

Session 2.

 Human Capital demand forecasting  and planning 

Session 7.

Retention strategies, policies and talent management 

Session 3.

Designing effective policies, tools and practices of Human Capital strategic selection

Session 8.

Compensation systems and benefits

Session 4.

Human Capital continuous professional  and career development

Session 9.

Human capital competencies and performance development

Session 5.

Human capital code of conduct and behavior

Session 10.

Human Capital Management information systems


The target for this module are top leaders and seniors managers from both public administration and private sector across various domains of life of the country to strengthen in them strategic best practices of human capital considerations through all the interconnected subsystems.

These practices once well applied, both the ordinal citizens will be satisfied by the high quality of service delivery and the government trust will be insured towards integral satisfaction.


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