• To comprehend; to interpret concepts and principles of leadership ethics by linking them to the field situations.
  • To master and increase their awareness of ethical leadership culture and core values by recalling facts and bringing to mind the appropriate materials.
  • To utilize gained knowledge on specific facts in new relationships with other facts, theories and principles through practical exercises and discussions.
  • To develop a range of leadership professional ethics capabilities (effective leading change, problem solving, ethical decision-making, team building, inspiring and motivating followers).


The inspirational, ethical and motivating behaviors of leaders influence followers to also behave ethically and accomplish their tasks with enthusiasm and willingness to achieve the target missions and objectives of organizations. Leaders who behave ethically are role models, by their leading style communicate the importance of ethical standards, and hold their employees accountable to those standards towards better performance achievement.

Ethical leadership from the top is very important because it creates an environment in which lower-level ethical leaders can flourish, but ethical leadership at the supervisory level has a huge impact on followers’ attitudes and behavior. This module will equip participants with leadership essential knowledge, skills and attitudes which will help them to effectively shape their leadership practices necessary to achieve the national organizational goals.



Deliverable knowledge

Session 1

Understanding ethical leadership

Session 2

Pillars of professional leadership

Session 3

Introduction to ethical reasoning

Session 4

Emotional intelligence

Session 5

Ideal leadership mindset

Session 6

Ethical values in problem solving and decision-making

Session 7

Challenges of leadership ethics practices

Session 8

Influences of leaders’ behaviors on the organization performance

Session 9

Ethical leadership experiences in Rwandan context

Session 10

Reinforcement of ethical culture in the work environment


The audience for this module is composed of leaders both from public, private and civil society organization, occupying decision making positions in order to assist them to gain leadership skills, increase the leadership awareness and mindset change.


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