• To define and understand leadership concept
  • To understand the global environment its driving forces and trends
  • To understand the impact of globalization on leadership
  • To understand and explain the close relationship between leadership and globalization
  • To analyze emerging issues in global leadership
  • To understand the involvement of global institutions such as World bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Commerce World Trade Organization (WTO) in influencing leadership in developing countries
  • To analyze Rwandan leadership vis a vis globalization challenges


The globalization has converted the world into a small global village; a village in which all countries apart from being independent they have to comply with global exigencies for better welfare of human being all over the world.   In this scenario the most effective and beneficial maneuver for any country is to create innovative ways to satisfy citizens in all areas of life. This module deals with the role of leadership in the phenomena of organizational change and innovation. The leader as a person in charge or as a change agent can manage an organization or the process of organizational change more effectively and successfully if h/she is capable and competent. Rapid technological advancements, high expectations of citizens, and ever changing environment situations have compelled organizations to incessantly reassess and reevaluate how they work and to understand, adopt and implement changes in their business model in response of changing trends. Organizational change is a demand of the day, and needed for organizations to survive.


Session 1


Session 2

Dimensions of globalization

Session 3

Leadership in the globalization world

Session 4

Impact of globalization on leadership

Session 5

Global leadership challenges

Session 6

Developing leaders for the global environment

Session 7

Leaders and  global media

Session 8

Leadership and development in African countries

Session 9

Influence of globalization on leadership in Rwanda


The target audience for this module are all employees including professionals to become leaders, supervisors and managers in all sectors in need with leadership skills to adapt to ever changing environment in order be creative and innovative to adapt to the regional and global context.


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