• to equip leaders and other professionals from different backgrounds, disciplines and sectors on how to use communication as a tool to effective performance. Also
  • To understand the role of communication and how it contributes to career progression, leadership growth by ensuring that people work well together and manage effectively organizations  and understand organizations’ objectives.
  • To explores the importance of information at workplace in any organization and how to manage this information for the growth of organizations


This module is about an understanding of communication for managers and leaders as it is a lifeblood of any organization. It also describes how communication influences organizations in different ways in today’s complex work environment and how leaders use it to prevail organizational situation. It explores the true understanding of different audiences at workplace, message construction and choice of communication channel. Effective message delivery (choice of words, tone and body language) and getting management feedback (recognition and analysis of various forms of feedback).

In delivering this module, emphasis will be put on participatory and active learning approaches, where participants will share professional/leadership and personal experiences to help come up with practical solutions to address challenges they may have. Training methods to realize this will include, brainstorming, structured exercises, role plays, group discussions, case studies and others.

Trainees will be able to communicate ethically, responsibly, and effectively as they navigate through their leadership career paths.


Session 1

Introduction to organizational communication

Session 5

Written messages in organizations

session 2

Communication process

Session 6

Practical strategies to improve communication at workplace

Session 3

Interpersonal communication

Session 7

Information management

Session 4

Planning & organizing messages

Session 8

Knowing self & career progression in the context of communication

4. Target group/AUDIENCE:

Group for which the module is designed for is those in leadership positions in any organization, any sector and of every discipline. However it is primarily and professionally suitable for:- Public relation professionals, Communication managers, Human resource managers, Strategic managers, Records managers, Archivists, Knowledge management specialists, Information managers, Project managers, Public spokespersons, Marketing professionals, Business entrepreneurs.


Visit www.rmi.rw for the detailed Training Calendar. The venue and time may be adjusted according to the trainees' request, terms and conditions apply.