• Identify the elements of corporate culture that either inhibit or support the process of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Scan the organizational business environment for entrepreneurship and innovation 
  • Compare the attributes of various organizations regarded as leaders or corporate innovation and examine the synergy necessary between leadership, ethics, corporate culture, and organizational dynamics
  • Analyze how corporate entrepreneurial activities relate to a company’s ability to drive innovation throughout the organization
  • Use corporate entrepreneurship and innovation to manage competition ,growth and expansion


Instilling entrepreneurial behavior into an organization’s practices and culture is a challenge for most established organizations. Changing customer needs, new technologies and agile competitors compel organizations to harness the innovative abilities, talents and passion of their employees.

The focus of this module is on the creation and management of entrepreneurial initiatives within a corporate context. The module will explore the foundations of corporate entrepreneurship and innovation: the entrepreneurial imperative, corporate entrepreneurship’s contribution, assessing  the entrepreneurial orientation of the firm and different forms of corporate entrepreneurship,  designing entrepreneurial organisations: strategy and entrepreneurship, structuring the company for entrepreneurship, energizing passionate people and human resource practices, and building cultures to support entrepreneurship and  Continuous entrepreneurial performance systems:

designing control systems that facilitate entrepreneurship, leading the entrepreneurial organization, and measuring entrepreneurial performance.


Session 1

Exploring the concept of Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Session 6

Structuring the company for entrepreneurship

Session 2

Theunique nature of corporate entrepreneurship

Session 7

Design Thinking: Creative Approaches to Innovation

Session 3

Levels of entrepreneurship in organizations: entrepreneurial intensity

Session 8

Entrepreneurship in other contexts: non-profit and government organizations

Session 4

Building an Organizational Environment Conducive to Entrepreneurial Endeavors: Resources, Process and Priorities

Session 9

Implementing corporate entrepreneurship: process and challenges

Session 5

Designing entrepreneurial organization

Session 10

Developing innovative entrepreneurial culture


Managers (Public &Private) of larger organizations: whose entrepreneurial capabilities need to be developed.


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