Frequently Asked Questions

RMI currently offers short-courses which are in three categories;

1. Management Career Centred Courses (MCC courses).

These are already designed and developed management courses to address usual and general managerial challenges. They are designed to provide general management knowledge and skills. They include but not limited to the courses related to Strategic Management, Leadership, Finance, Procurement, Entrepreneurship, Office and Administration, Accounting, Communication, Human Resources, Gender and Development, Induction, Research and Consultancy.

2. Tailor Made Courses (TM courses).

These are courses which are designed to address specific and unique capacity gaps or challenges. They are not pre-designed and developed. They are designed and developed after conducting a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) or after identification of a particular challenge that requires a capacity building intervention to address it. They may be designed for a particular department or unit, a particular institution or organization, or for many institutions which share a common or have a similar mandate. They may also be designed to address a common cross-cutting challenge across institutions of a different nature.

3. Professional Certified courses.

They are courses which are internationally recognized and accredited by relevant professional bodies. These courses are pre-designed and developed to provide general knowledge and skills in various fields by the professional bodies and/or professional institutes. These courses are therefore offered to prepare and coach participants for professional examinations which are provided by these professional bodies for certification.

The training duration varies depending on the category of the training course to be offered;

1. Management Career centred Courses (MCC Courses)

The standard training duration is 10 days of 8 hours each which is equal to a total of 80 hours per course.

2. Tailor made courses (TM Courses)

There is no standard training duration. The training duration depends on the magnitude of the capacity gap to be addressed which is reflected in the training content to be delivered. In practice, the training duration is agreed upon between RMI and the client institution taking into consideration the volume of the training content to be delivered and the training methodology to be applied.

3. Professional Certified Courses (PC Courses)

Mostly the face to face training duration is fixed by the professional body. Otherwise, RMI determines the duration looking at the time which is sufficient to effectively and successfully prepare and coach the participants for the professional examination.

The training cost for RMI programs varies depending on the category of the training course;

  • Management Career centred Courses (MCC Courses)
  1. Rwf 90,000 per day per participant for a full package including training fees, full meals (Breakfast, 2 tea/coffee breaks, 2 bottles of water, lunch and supper) and accommodation.
  2. Rwf 50,000 per day per participant for only training fees excluding meals and accommodation.

Note:that for MCC courses, the above prices are applicable for a minimum class size of 10 participants otherwise RMI applies a minimum training cost which is equivalent to a feasible economic class size.

  • Tailor made courses

The training prices are subject to negotiations.

  • Professional Certified Courses

The training and coaching prices are subject to negotiations.

The timing of the training is very flexible. It is always agreed upon with the training beneficiaries.

RMI has a training calendar published on this website under the Training Information menu. The training calendar is prepared for only Management Career centred Courses (MCC courses) since the tailor made courses and professional courses are delivered upon demand.

  • The training courses delivered on a residential basis are delivered at RMI Murambi campus in Muhanga District, Southern Province, in Rwanda.
  • The training courses delivered on a non-residential basis can be delivered at RMI Murambi campus, RMI Muhima campus and at any of its E-learning Centers at Musanze, Kayonza, Karongi and Nyanza.
  • The beneficiaries can as well choose another training venue at their cost in terms of hiring the venue, facilities, meals and any other related logistics.
  • The RMI training courses can also be offered online through its E-Learning platform which is accessible worldwide.

Management career cantered training usually starts on Monday, the arrival day to the training venue is one day before the start of the training delivery i.e. Sunday.

Any participant who has at least 90% of attendance and passed the post-test training at ≤50% is eligible to receive RMI Certificate. The RMI certificates are in 2 categories;

  • A certificate of attendance for a participant who obtains overall marks from 50% to 59%.
  •  A certificate of competency for a participant who obtains marks from 60% and above.  

Participants from the public sector, private sector and civil society organizations.

Click the “Apply” button under the course you want to apply for and fill in the form the application information.