• To get Data Teams to speak the same language and perform basic data tasks. 
  • To equip staff members in Rwanda to have the necessary knowledge, skills, practices, and attitudes required to be better able to perform basic data tasks.
  • To Prepare Staff members in Rwanda for the advanced courses (system security, production software orchestration, and database optimization) in the field of data science   


This module provides an overview of the foundation for data-driven analysis for policy decisions.

Participants shall have learned from each other and share knowledge in groups after each session and they shall have the basic technical knowledge and a good understanding of the common ‘data scientist’ language and jargon in three key areas :( 1) System Administration, (2) Database Design, and (3) Statistical Programming.

More detailed outcomes will be stipulated at the start of each session, and the required key outcomes for the participants to be accredited with passing the course are: (1) Being comfortable navigating using the command line in a Linux terminal, (2) Being able to query a database and do basic aggregations, and (3) Document the analytical process using Rmarkdown and Rstudio.


Session 1

Linux Environment

Session 2


Session 3

Policy Analysis

Session 4

Tidy verse Intro

Session 5

Reproducible Research



This course will provide introductory training to the data team /staff from both public and private sector institutions. Those data professionals include, but are not limited to: Data analysts, Business analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Chief Data Officers or Chief Digital Officers, Database Administrators, Statisticians and Data Architects.

More advanced courses will be presented to participants who excelled in this foundational course. These advanced courses will go deeper into system security, production software orchestration, and database optimization and will happen near the end of 2022/ beginning of 2023.


The course was delivered at RMI Headquarters Murambi Campus and Muhima Campus in February and April 2022 and shall continue in July, November 2022 and February 2023, with the plan to present a total of four workshops each year.

Visit www.rmi.rw for the detailed Training Calendar if any. The venue and time may be adjusted according to the trainees' request, terms and conditions apply.