Rwanda Management Institute is a public institute mandated to ensure training in Administration and Management disciplines for public service, private sector and civil society organizations personnel hence 627 people from different institutions have come to RMI to sharpen their knowledge and skills through 2019-2020 trainings.

RMI training programs include the following:

  • Standard Career-Centered short courses like Strategic Management, Procurement Management, Human Resources Management, Finance Management, Entrepreneurship, Research and consultancy, among others
  • Tailor-made courses like corporate governance, Psychosocial support for survival of sexual violence (SV) and Gender Based Violence (GBV), Resource Mobilsation, Leadership mind setting for cultural transformation, among others. These are designed to meet the specific needs raised by RMI clients.
  • Certified Professional courses like Project Management Professional, Certified Professional IT courses, Accounting and Finance, Strategic Management and Corporate governance, Digital Skills, among others

During 2019-2020 trainings, RMI equipped 311 people from different institutions in career-oriented programs with requisite knowledge and skills needed at workplace, 27 from Rwanda Social Security Board who attended induction course, 40 people in Project Management Professional (PMP), and 249 who attended training in various tailor made courses.

Besides all these, RMI offered Executive Master Classes to the Mayors, Vice Mayors, RSSB top managers and managers.