On 25 March 2024, 167 district’s planning, M&E, district environment and management and infrastructure and maintenance officers started a 10-day Advanced Capacity-building session for Effective National Determined Contribution (NDC) implementation course at RMI Muhima and Musanze Campuses respectively.

This was able through the collaboration between RMI, the Ministry of Environment and the GIZ Rwanda to scale-up NDC into the districts Development Strategies project the NDC implementation.

In his welcoming remarks, on behalf of RMI Director General, Mr. NSHIMYUMUREMYI Vincent de Paul, the Principal Senior Training Coordinator welcomed the trainees and wished them a very successful training.

“The training has been prepared to equip you with the requisite knowledge and skills that will enable you to gain practical insights on NDC implementation in your respective districts. You need to dedicate your time to get the knowledge required for you to be able to apply it, he urged the participants.

The decision was made after the interactive consultations with stakeholders from different institutions and districts in order for those involved with climate change in the districts to know the existence of the updated NDC for 2020, the specific goals and targets outlined in the NDC relevant to districts context.

The training aims to create a platform for participants to gain practical insights, share experiences and build networks that will contribute to the successful implementation of country commitments.

The trainer said that participants will leave with the enhanced capacities and a renewed commitment to the advancing climate change action in their respective context, such as.

  • Gain insights into the significance of NDC’s within the framework of the Paris Agreement.
  • Enhance the ability to effectively engage the stakeholders, fostering transparency and inclusivity.
  • Acquire knowledge on available financial mechanisms and technology transfer for successful NDC implementation.

RMI is one of the key public institutions that strengthens and promotes private-sector driven and knowledge-based economy through building Public-Private Partnerships to realize the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1) and Vision 2050 targets.