February 28th, 2020 at RMI Murambi Campus during the closing ceremony of the 03rd session of training related to Nutrition Governance in National and District level Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation through Public Financial Management and Results Based Management in Rwanda, participants promised a positive change in fighting against malnutrition.

 Mr. KAYIRANGA Callixte, on behalf of all trained participants appreciated knowledge and skills gained in 12 days of training. He promised to work in team, do monitoring and evaluation, build capacities of their workmates to achieve the Rwanda's vision of reducing the percentage of stunted children from 38% (WB rep.2018) to 19% by 2024.

This session attracted 58 members of staff involved in Planning &Monitoring and Evaluation, Nutrition, Hygiene and Sanitation, and among others from various districts which have the high percentage of malnutrition.

Mr. ABIMANA Fidele, the RMI Principal Senior Training Coordinator thanked all partners for their support in the successfulness of this training. He appreciated participants’ efforts shown during the whole period of training which helped them share skills and find out new methods of solving problems at their workplaces.

He also informed the trained participants that the positive change of institution's performance, begins at personal (employee) level not only in terms of work-related knowledge and skills but also attitudes, beliefs, values, habits, and among others.

The entire training in three sessions brought together 170 people from 17 Districts' staff; the first session started from 13th to 24th January, 2020 with 60 participants, the second started from 03rd to 14th February with 52 participants and the third one started from 17th to 28th February, 2020 with 58 people. All sessions took place at RMI Murambi Campus and were funded by UNICEF-Rwanda.